Cry-Baby is a cryptocurrency dashboard that shows an overview of all your digital assets. The idea came from a response to a fragmentation within the transaction and storing of crypto, particularily with altcoins. Although I was not trading, I found myself regularily checking in on my coins in the midst of turbulent times (which is often). The process would involve logging in to multiple platforms with 2FA, unlocking a hard wallet, opening up and mentally tallying up the sum to figure out how my portfolio was doing.
        Although there was no practical benefit to frequently checking in on my crypto as I was not trading but holding, I did—for whatever reason, find myself going through the trouble of unlocking all my ewallets and my hard wallet on a regular basis. I would also check the weekly, monthly, and yearly price chart for each coin which also added a considerable amount of time. I wanted something like but only for the select currencies I was interested in, with a built in converter for each currency so I could have a quick glance of my entire portfolio. After searching google, I found a few websites that offered this service. Unfortunately, none had an appealing interface to them.

        When I first got my iPhone, I remember feeling drawn to using the native iOS Stocks app. Although I did not actually own any stocks, there was a sense of impartial ubiquity to the sterile but inviting interface that resonated with me, how beautifully it matched the nature of the subject matter. I didn’t delete it like I did with the other random native apps. I actually used it from time to time to check in on certain companies for the novelty of experiencing the interface. Cry-Baby was designed in homage to the feeling I got when interacting with the iOS Stocks app. Using the app layout as a starting point for mobile designs, I continued to scale that up to desktop screen proportions.
        As the name might imply, this tool is catered for people who are new to crypto, or would like to participate with low-level involvement: for crypto-currency-babies™. After designing some initial comps, to my luck, my good friend Simon was interested enough in this project to take on the development of the application. Several months later, after much iteration and QA, we’re happy to finally launch this project