Graphic designer based in Toronto. Currently principal and founding partner at 56. Specializing in designing for digital environments.

Helping brands produce discerning touchpoints by combining cultural foresight with technical insight. I’ve worked with companies and teams of all shapes and sizes on a variety of projects ranging from web design to art direction to branding.


Condé Nast, The Weeknd, Hypebeast, VICE, L’Oeuvre, The Creator Class, Big Sean, CLOT, Kid. Studio, Roy Woods, 88Glam, Artscape Daniels Launchpad, Hxouse, Horizon Blockchain Games, LA Timpa, Meek Mill, Metro Boomin, SlamJam Socialism, and more.

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147 Liberty Street
M6K 3G3
Toronto, Ontario


950 King Street W
M5V 1P5
Toronto, Ontario